Urban Gardening
12-28, 18:00–19:00 (Europe/Berlin), Haecksen the magic Margaret
Language: English

What happens when you live in a city, in the middle of a lockdown, your sourdough starter is dying in the fridge and you vaguely remember the "horticulture" module you took at school?
Join me in my urban gardening journey to find out about the beans i grew in the bathroom, the courgettes in the living room, the unpredictable English weather, and the hacks I implemented to make sure I had a successful crop!

The goal of this talk is to explain how you can grow your own food with limited resources and space. Can I grow 10 big courgette plants for less than 5 euros and enjoy tasty food in my apartment in the city centre?
In this presentation I will talk about easy propagation for seeds that show fast results, how to eliminate bad seeds early on, how to get seeds from foods that you buy (you had some tasty tomatoes? why not grow your own!) and how to use old containers/plates/anything available around the house, to grow things in.
I will show you pictures of my flat and show you where I placed young plants during the cold spells in the UK to make sure that I will have successful crops.
I will show you the felt bags i grew courgettes in, the tomatoes in the small greenhouse, all these in less than 10 square meters of a communal patio filled with gravel!
Finally, I will explain how you can re-use soil you grew beans in as a fertile material for next year's crops.

Hi, my name is Dani. When I don't teach at the university, I try to make growing your own food as easy, cheap and accessible as possible. Oh, I also do data stuff and maths.