r3s at the Year-End Event 2021: Call for Participation/People/Ideas
As in 2020, no chaos communicatin congress in meatspace in 2021.
it rC3-NOWHERE21 instead from 27th to 30th december 2021.
The Remote Rhine-Ruhr Stage as a stage for all offers physical space at the virtual congress for people, projects, groups and communities.
This year there will be a Remoteevent again, as we know it from last year.

To fill the days between Christmas and New Year with excitement: We are looking for your ideas!
Let's do crazy things, with less wood and B1, but with more cyberspace.

You can think of classic lectures, for which we will provide you with the appropriate equipment, discussion rounds or panels, or completely new formats, e.g. in the form of workshops, in which participants can even take part at home. Or you can tinker and solder in the stream for the armchair hackers.

What we offer

Thematic focus

Your chances of acceptance increase if your submission is recognisably evidence-based and not from the realm of "struggling startups" or AI+blockchain buzzword bingo.

We also welcome unusual presentation formats! If you have any exciting ideas, just get in touch!

https://r3s.nrw or email to studio@r3s.nrw

[CfP closed 2021-11-24 23h43 Europe/Berlin]