A wireless comunity mesh network in Appennino
2021-12-27, 16:00–17:00 (Europe/Berlin), Haecksen Stream
Language: English

Explanation about the slow grow, the ideas of community and the technical tools of a small Wireless Mesh Network on the Appennino's mountains near Bologna in Italy. We shared connections and knowledge between 50 people, on 3 valleys. This is our website: https://antennine.noblogs.org

Our comunity share the principles of antifascist, antisexism, anticapitalism and antiracism. In our s ecosystem there are different organizations and during the talk I'll try to explain some of the activities. We will talk about the group's political intention, method and why, and how we decide, starting from food autonomy, to organize our communication infrastructure. We will speak about our organization experiments and about the technologies that we use. Small introduction and showcase of Libremesh.
LibreMesh is a modular framework for creating OpenWrt-based firmwares for wireless mesh nodes. We don't hide the problems: open issues about our tools and managing. Questions and Answers session.

I am a self-taught computer scientist. I live in Italy near Bologna, I've been helping the food autonomy community Campiaperti since 2014, I'm also working on wireless mesh networks since 2017. I am interested in the techniques that groups adopt to self-manage themselves and in the topics of digital self-defense and privacy.