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πŸ’„ -Maquillaje digital
12-29, 11:00–15:00 (Europe/Berlin), Haecksen Nice Mary
Language: English

Queer-friendly digital makeup of our peertube instance + feminist interface policies

We invite our feminist servers allies to join us for this session ****

11:00- 12:30
We sketch the context of why we opted to install peertube (A Fair New idea) instance on systerserver. We go trough the documentation of how we installed and styled peertube and the technical challenges we encountered.

1:00 -3:00
We test together how to create accounts and upload small videos of our local/remote experience. We collect the participants' feedback /questions which support us to articulate a feminist data policy on our terms and code of conduct (peertube configuration: https://antonieta.vedetas.org/p/peertube-config)



autonomous servers, namely the Systerserver, Anarchaserver and Lever Burns. Each server offers a different set of services from media cloud hosting, polls, online workshops to version control software (*) and web hosting for archived cyber-feminist websites. We do this hard work to educate ourselves about web related technologies, nourish our fringed community of queer, trans and women identified persons by creating a space where we feel safe to share our art and activism, express our minds with no fear of being trolled, censored, or patronized by the privileged male majority that runs most of Internet’s infrastructure. Moreover we choose to do this work only with free and open source software (FOSS) so that we can access tools with our minimum resources, study the code, and gender bend the established male dominant FOSS community.