blinry is enthusiastic about many things, including computer science, programming, and design! They like free licenses, value autonomy, creativity and curiosity, and try to keep an open mind and heart. After doing research in the field of computational geometry for a while, they are now working as an independent programmer, artist, and game designer. They have attended a scientific workshop on Origami in the Caribbean, backpacked through Japan, and like collecting accidental art or drawing algorithm assembly instructions. They love their communities – Jugend Hackt, the Recurse Center, the Chaos community.

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Operation Mindfuck Vol. 5
blinry, bleeptrack

For the fifth time, we'll present a colorful potpourri of nerdsniping topics: some of our favorite facts about computers, art, and the world! We draw a lot of inspiration from new and absurd ideas, and we'd like to share that enthusiasm with you!

Kunst, Kultur & Erholung
Haecksen Stream
Let's visit the Everything Exhibition!
blinry, bleeptrack

Let's go down some rabbit holes together! :D bleeptrack and blinry are currently building a generator for virtual 3D exhibitions around arbitrary topics. It has a relatively new multiplayer mode, so let's meet up, split into a few small groups, and dive into some topics we're curious about! At the end, we'll come together in the big group again, and share what we've seen and learned (and collect all the bugs we found)!

Kunst, Kultur & Erholung
Haecksen the magic Margaret