Dear travellers,

In a well-known country, not so long ago, between Christmas and New Year's Eve, life forms came together to tell stories. Of goo and bad deeds, of their plans and their dreams. History became legend, legend became myth. And between flickering shadows on screens the colour of a television set switched to a dead channel ...

STOP. There's still something there.

Even if we can't meet in Leipzig again, the ChaosZone will offer you a stage for your talks, projects and art performances. The production capacities of the ChaosZone TV capital studio in Halle have been secured and the workers of the CCCP are already working tirelessly on the preparation of a decentralised event with a stage in Potsdam.
To get one of the strongly desired speaking slots in the ChaosZone TV program as part of the new edition of rC3 (remote Chaos Experience), you have several choices:

1. live stage option:

  • You stand on a ChaosZone stage prepared by us in Potsdam or report from the broadcast studio in Halle.
  • We record and broadcast with professional equipment as a live stream.

2. live living room studio:

  • You stream to us with your equipment.
  • We take care of the picture and the sound for you.

3. pre-recorded living room studio option:

  • You stand on your living room stage and record yourself.
  • We will broadcast this pre-recording in your lecture slot.

Your creative ideas are needed to make the days between the 27. to the 30.12.2021 a great experience for all of us. Do you have an unusual idea that we haven't thought of yet? Then let us know and we will try to make it possible.