Andrés Beladiez

Andrés Beladiez graduated in stage direction and dramaturgy at RESAD, Madrid. He incorporates the use of technology as a tool for the scenic narration in most of his plays. His investigation is focused on non-conventional multidisciplinary works with an important social and political content.

He is also light designer and creates soundscapes. He has been awarded by the Stage Directors Association with the Premio José Luis Alonso for new directors.

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Karla Kracht, Andrés Beladiez

2062 is a multidisciplinary show nurtured by scenic, multimedia, comic, illustration and animation techniques, as well as shadow and object theatre to create a scenic and cinematographic live show. With these ingredients a dystopian world is created that talks about borders, walls, new migrations and the latest geopolitical and economic changes.

The world will never be the same again... Boarders will turn red again or disappear completely. They will become less accessible. New walls will be build and old ideals will be buried. Wars will be different, but continue killing at ideologic gunpoint. Capitalism, with hardly any opponent, will extend covering the terrestrial world with its coat. Governments will cease their power cells to big corporations. New migrations and an agonised Europe resisting to lose its hegemony. Citizens searching their identities in shopping carts. The 21st century arrived and changed us forever. But we hardly realised it. Somehow everything continues the same...

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