Chaosstudio Hamburg – We feel homesick for the future

We fell homesick for the future. For this reason, Chaosstudio Hamburg invites you to participate in rC3.

We're looking forward to your contribution from the fields of science or technology, especially if it is connected to the Hamburg region. Or artistic contributions like performances, video art, or a virtual exhibition? You have the content, we have the stage.

Please choose: a talk/lecture 30 minutes in duration (plus q&a), or a lightning talk up to 10 minutes long. For your art project, we offer flexible time slots.

You can present your contribution live on location at Chaos Computer Club Hamburg or remotely via video conference. You can also pre-record your talk, but we would like to have a live q&a with the audience.

Please send your proposal until Monday, November 29th, 23:42 CET (Europe/Berlin) through the conference management system. Be excellent to each other!

This Call for Papers closed on 2021-11-29 23:42 (Europe/Berlin).