The Hacking in Parallel (///HiP-Berlin///) conference will take place from December 27-30 2022 at ETI Schauspielschule (directly above c-base) in Berlin.
The ///HiP-Berlin/// conference theme, "Hacking in Parallel," anticipates healing and recovery through renewed individual and collaborative activity following the tremendous personal and social changes due to the global pandemic. We look forward to many parallel activities within ///HiP-Berlin///, as well as at venues by all creatures around Germany, Europe, and the world.
Hackers, and the hacker mindset, have been instrumental in addressing challenges of the past years. Life-saving vaccinations and health treatments were developed based on the work of creative individuals and groups. New approaches to work, travel, recreation, and education were made possible largely by technologies that are familiar to many of us who will be ///HiP-Berlin/// participants.
Many challenges remain. These and other topics will be the focus of ///Hacking in Parallel - Berlin///.
All attendees will be required to show 'proof of COVID vaccination' for admission to the conference venue -- no attendee data or info of any kind will be recorded or saved.
Masks will be required inside' of the conference venue, with the exception of presenters while presenting, and while eating/drinking.
The Call for Participation is now open! We’d love to see your submission for one or more of these tracks:

Art & Culture,
Ethics, Society & Politics,
Hardware & Making,
Offensive and Defensive Security,