Fireside Chat
11-05, 16:30–17:25 (Europe/Berlin), Atrium
Language: English

Prior to working with Godot, he had experience as a web and game developer. In order to support the Godot community, he began creating educational content on YouTube. He also developed a popular plugin and became involved in the management of the Godot website and communication channels. Currently, he is working full-time to support the growth and success of Godot as it faces new challenges.

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Rémi Verschelde is a long-time free and open source software advocate, who came to the Godot project in 2015 with experience as a maintainer for the Mageia Linux distribution, and various open source games. He helped organize the contribution infrastructure and workflow (issue triage, PR review, release management, documentation, communication, etc.). Since 2018, he works full time as Project Manager & Maintainer of the Godot project. He is now also Co-Founder & COO of W4 Games, a company which develops products and services to strengthen the Godot ecosystem.

Been making games since 2018, picked up Godot in 2019. Co-founded Mad Cookies Studios, released a game and working on a new one. Highly passionate about game-dev, self motivating, suspiciously optimistic.