Online Elections at Universities - and what to do against them
2021-04-04, 21:10–21:55 (Europe/Berlin), Piscopia
Language: German

During COVID, many Universities have held their elections in an online format. In this talk, I will show you several pitfalls that we have seen, and argue that online elections should not become a long-term solution, or even better not be used at all.

What advantages do online elections provide, and why do we still oppose them? This talk will give a brief overview of how online elections can and do meet election principles as required by the German law, and the usage of the POLYAS election software in the context of German Universities.

Theoretical and practical issues.

Welche Wahlgrundsätze können durch Onlinewahlen erfüllt werden, und wie sieht es in der Praxis aus? Warum erhöhen Onlinewahlen die Anzahl an Angriffsvektoren ggü. Urnen- oder Briefwahlen deutlich?

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