Call for Participation


This year's first DiVOC, the #r2r, will be taking place from Good Friday to Easter Monday, 2nd – 5th of April 2021. Practical solutions for the ongoing climate and social crisis will be the main topics, however, as always, we also appreciate talks on cultural and technical topics. Saturday, 27th February will be the absolute deadline for entries. Entries only via an account in pretalx under

long read:

It is a very dangerous game we're playing on our planet, and although we seem to realize, at least from time to time, that we're destroying the planet, we still keep pressing “continue”. The media are only talking about the pandemic and if and when the next vaccinations are due. At the same time the general impression is that if only this pandemic was over then everything would be just fine again. But we know better: The Climate Crisis is looming large, and it's a much greater danger, for which there will be no vaccination available, whichever way, nor will any simple lockdown help. No, the only thing that will help is a full reboot – politically, economically, socially and culturally. We only have this one planet as our hardware, and our life support is running low.

To be honest, the argument if we should be doing something about this is concluded. What we need now is to talk about what to do, and when and how to do it. Which brings us to the theme of this Easter time DiVOC “Reboot to Respawn”.

Accordingly we're particularly looking forward to submissions that deal with tangible proposals. We're talking social themes here, but also traffic and city planning, economy and work, the environment in general and the agroindustrial complex in particular, and which technical solutions we could use to hack them. And that includes, of course, art and cultural aspects, because we’re in need of those, too, so we're also looking for submissions in this field.

And of course we're still the Chaos, and part of our own culture are submissions on printers on fire, on blinking lights, on toots, tweets, honks and waving cats. Even in the darkest hours of the pandemic we want to have fun with our devices, we want to socialize and hack together and show each other the cool stuff we've been doing.

That goes particularely well with some good music, so give us your proposals and your music lists, so we can relax in the lounge or maybe do some after-work shakin' …

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Talk and Music, Workshops

This CfP is only for talks, presentations and music that will be streamed as part of the talk and lounge programs. We'll provide more information about other forms of participation, like self-organized sessions, interactive workshops, or whatever else you can think of, in a couple of days.

Your Contribution at DiVOC Reboot to Respawn

Your contribution will be streamed (live) by VOC. For talks we would like to have a live Q&A with you right after. Shortly after DiVOC, the recording of the talk will be made available for viewing and download on We therefor assume that you have all necessary rights for such publication.

Submission Process

Due to the really tigh schedule you may only submit your paper after creating your own account on pretalx under this link. Submissions must contain a title, author name(s), contact details and, most important, a brief abstract. It will be possible to make minor edits to title and abstract until the full paper submission deadline. Sorry, but submissions with “placeholder” abstracts will be removed without consideration.

This Call for Papers closed on 2021-02-27 23:59 (Europe/Berlin).