Defeating planned obsolescence for Cisco Meraki switches
08-18, 09:30–09:50 (Europe/Berlin), Milliways
Language: English

Cisco Meraki Ethernet switches are cloud-managed and require a license to function, or do they? In this talk I will discuss developing a FOSS firmware for various Meraki switch models and the challenges faced.

This talk will include a hardware overview of various Cisco Meraki Ethernet switch models (past and present). We will look into the Cisco Meraki stock firmware, boot process, and switch management software. Finally, we will discuss the current state of support and what the future holds for open-source firmware on Cisco Meraki network devices.

Content Notes

Hardware, firmware, Linux, networking/LAN, secure boot, GPL compliance, planned obsolescence, and e-waste.

Geographically indecisive hacker and hardware (eBay) enthusiast. I enjoy requesting GPL source code for products, despairing over my inability to find confidential datasheets, and improv theatre.