Do we need Taler or does Taler need us ?
08-15, 18:00–18:20 (Europe/Berlin), Digitalcourage
Language: English

As dystopia seems just around the corner with state control and surveillance capitalism wanting to finish closing down on us, GNU Taler might be one of the (hopefully many) reasons to hope that our dreams may soon bring bits of lovable reality.

With 2 upcoming Swiss deployments, real payments with Taler will finally be available this coming winter. As online solution for Basel local currency and a few months later as online payment in Swiss Francs.
That means privacy preserving online payment that doesn't foster illegal activities and micro-payments both become accessible.
A game changer if we (Normale Leute ) use and claim the opportunity, Endlich mal a positive element to bring to debates or policy exposés for privacy advocates (of which I am )... a bit of light in the tunnel ?

Content Notes

Privacy, freesoftware in critical infrastucture, new business model - a way out of sole add driven economy/revenue.

Crafted a campaign against freeparty repression 20 years ago, bringing the live forces of underground tekno to the social movement to fight back securitarism, I later worked for La Quadrature du Net (GDPR, Net Neutrality).