Introduction to ATT&CK framework for risk managers and threat analysts
08-15, 15:30–15:50 (Europe/Berlin), Milliways
Language: English

MITRE ATT&CK (Attack Framework among friends) is intimidating sight at first, but is a great tool for risk identification, threat analysis, red teaming, DFIR and security management. Brief introduction to the topic with various examples.

Content Notes

Information security management, risk management.
Not overly technical presentation, several examples/demos but no deep technical dive.
Suitable for minors, no sensitive topics.

Former technical security practitioner moved to security management to fiddle with risks, policies, controls and standards.
ISO27001 Lead Auditor, CTF hobbyist, hackerspace founder, dad, brother, friend.
Loves visiting hackerspaces, chaos angels, lockpicking and network protocols.