Building a cloud-free digital voice assistant with FOSS
08-18, 18:10–18:55 (Europe/Berlin), N:O:R:T:x
Language: English

What does it take to build a fully functional (and actually usable) voice assistant that runs on a Raspberry with FOSS? This talk describes the journey from the idea to Version 1.0 (and beyond).

It has to be a HAL9000 - the enclosure for my cloud-free digital voice assistant. The personal project is based on FOSS and runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero2 W in combination with a RP2040 (with a small display showing an animated HAL eye and a small GUI).

I will talk about:
* design decisions (and changes),
* the system architecture,
* why which software components were chosen,
* highlight some interesting hardware and software aspects and
* quickly show how the 3D model for the enclosure was created with OpenSCAD.

HAL will talk about:
* the 9000 series,
* the AE-35 unit,
* ...and whatever else the demo gods will allow.

This talk should also serve as a crash-course into the (basic) technology of digital voice assistants - stuffed with information (and anecdotes) about the hardware, software and the 3D-printed enclosure.

See also:

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