Physical Vulnerability Research
08-18, 00:00–00:45 (Europe/Berlin), Milliways
Language: English

Exploring the methodology and exploitation of physical security systems. Locks, access control and alarm systems with real life examples and the practical exploitation thereof. With digital security crossover.

Content Notes

Physical vulnerabilities
Digital vulnerabilities
Research methodology

Matt Smith put his degree in Computer Science to good use as a software developer, before quickly realising he didn't want to do that forever. After exploiting digital systems for fun and profit, the crossover into the family business of locksmithing came naturally and he became the 7th generation to assume this profession. Initially the skills were put to dubious use but then a legitimate career emerged after devoting many years picking what were previously considered unpickable locks, and making tools to do so.

Now, he does physical security consultancy, training and designs/sells high security lockpicks for professionals. He also designs high security locks, which he thinks are definitely unpickable!