PID Loops Control All the Things
08-18, 14:00–14:45 (Europe/Berlin), N:O:R:T:x
Language: English

Hidden inside basically every physical machine that needs precise control, PID loops are running the show. Quadcopters, self-balancing robots, and even the hot end of your 3D printer all use the same simple routines.

Knowing how they work, deep down, and how to set their mystical three parameters is part art and part science, but it's nothing you can't pick up in a quick talk. Nothing explains complex math better than a few hands-on demos, and we'll definitely be tempting the fates here. By the end, you should be confident enough to code up your own PID routines from scratch and get started tuning.

Content Notes

The hacky application of engineering principles, lightweight math. Rules of thumb and best practices.

The only thing remotely triggery would be running a live demo of a single-motor copter on a stick, entirely safe, but maybe a little noisy?

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