For Fox’s Sake: Bypassing Enterprise Policy in Firefox
08-16, 14:30–14:50 (Europe/Berlin), Milliways
Language: English

Tired of not having access to incognito tabs? Tired of your company controlling your web surfing? Firefox might be the browser for you! Come learn how easy it is to patch open-source software to behave how you want it to behave. This talk will cover macOS policy service, Firefox architecture, Firefox debugging, and how to modify Firefox.

Content Notes

- Firefox
- hacking
- debugging
- enterprise policy
- open source

Ryan Hermens is currently a staff security engineer working for TriNet. He specializes in cloud and corporate security. He first discovered his passion for hacking at the age of twelve when his parents put a password on the family computer. After cutting his teeth doing cybersecurity work for a stock brokerage, he found his true passion is leading cybersecurity efforts at startup companies to protect user data.