A visually impaired perspective on technology
08-15, 16:00–16:05 (Europe/Berlin), Bits & Bäume
Language: English

Using technology can be a very different experience as a visually impaired person, in this talk I will cover some of the challenges we face and what can be done to improve usability.

As a visually impaired person, technology is both an accessibility tool and barrier to achieving it. There are many things I simply cannot do because of inaccessible design, even though my sight level is not even considered to be ‘registered blind’. In this talk, I will show examples of the kind of barriers to accessibility that we face on a day to day basis and a quick guide to developers on how to avoid making these mistakes. I would love to look at projects that people are making and give some advice, and just have a chat about accessibility and visual impairments.

Content Notes

Discussions of inaccessibility throughout along with references to ableism

See also: PowerPoint slide deck (4.2 MB)

I am a 16 year old non-binary student from England. I use they/them pronouns. I am visually impaired along with other disabilities and chronic illnesses as well as autism and ADHD. If you see me around, I’d love to have a chat! I love musicals, dance and chocolate!

email: aj@martinh.net
I’m on linkedin as AJ Hamilton if anyone wants to have a look!