Tara Tarakiyee

Tara is a technologist working on designing support and mobilizing resources to encourage, sustain and maintain the FOSS ecosystem.

They have helped manage and incubate core infrastructure FOSS projects providing access to and security on online, led advocacy campaigns against online censorship and spreading a culture of online safety, and worked on research mapping internet infrastructure, legislation, control and policy.

Previously, they have worked with the Center for Cultivation of Technology, Open Technology Fund, Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA), and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC)


Panel: How to fund Open-Source Projects
Mathias Jud, Viraaj Akuthota, Marie Kreil, Tara Tarakiyee, holga, Zenna @zelf

This panel discusses and give insights into the funding of open-source projects. Representatives of funders and experienced fundees present their funding concepts, opportunities and motivations. The panel will reflect lessons learned and answer questions from the audience.


  • Marie Kreil, Prototype Fund
  • Tara Tarakiyee, Sovereign Tech Fund
  • Zenna @zelf, Next Generation Internet (NGI)
  • Viraaj Akuthota, Tech Solutions for Human Rights
  • holger krekel, Delta Chat co-ordinator
  • Moderation: Mathias Jud
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Bits & Bäume
Meet the Funders: Sovereign Tech Fund, NLNet, Prototype Fund Germany & Switzerland
Marie Kreil, Tara Tarakiyee, Sophia Schulze Schleithoff, Christian Hansen, Florin Hasler

Are you looking for funding for your project? Unsure if your new idea would be likely to get support? Interested in applying for a grant, in getting to know who ensures funds run smoothly or simply curious? Come say hi! We're here to answer all your questions about our funds.

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