manu is an Alien from Northern Germany. While his first Chaos event was 30C3, he is just in the recent years getting actively involved in the Chaos community. He has an on-and-off relationship with the global sticker/streetart community and his first hand-made stickers were flowers and birds he put up around his school. His fascination with adhesive artworks and his engagement with c3stoc have somehow gotten him into volunteering with the team behind the Datenschleuder and the Hackbibel 3, and he’s also currently exploring the CCC’s history in his involvement with the Hacker Archive as well.

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From c3stoc with love <3
Marie Kreil, manu

We‘re c3stoc - the CCC sticker operation center. After helping with the sticker distribution at 36c3 we had to find a solution to ensure new laptops wouldn‘t remain naked during the pandemic. During the last three years we organized remote sticker exchanges. Now it‘s time to share our learnings about exchanges and stickers!

Nerds der OberRheinischen Tiefebene und der xHain (N\:O:R:T:x)