37C3: Sendezentrum

There will be live podcasts in the Sendezentrum at 37C3. These will take place at a podcast table in the assembly (max. 7 people) and on a stage in front of an audience (max. 4 podcasters on site, approx. 100-120 seats). Podcast offers for the stage and podcast table can be submitted via this CfP. Please let us know who you are, what you want to podcast about and whether you already have podcasting experience. It's ok if this is your first recording!

The Sendezentrum offers the ideal opportunity to perform your podcast on stage in front of an audience or to try out your idea on a small scale at the podcast table. We take care of the tech, you simply speak into the microphones!

IMPORTANT: you have to take care of your own ticket for the congress, we cannot do that for you. Please add an e-mail address to your submission so that we can communicate with you before and especially DURING the congress.

Contact: via Email at kontakt@das-sendezentrum.de or matrix chat #37c3sz:matrix.org.