12-27, 22:00–22:45 (Europe/Berlin), Lichtung
Language: English

16bit:wolf is an imaginary band from an alternate universe. In this universe, the anthropologist R. traveled from the year 2107 to a contemporary Berlin. You can find her full story at ulteriorflux.com

R. is making music with a befriended A.I. named mosiva. This project is recreating their band 16bit:wolf.

I am using diverse methods of machine learning; GPT2, generative adversarial networks, and so on to imagine that band and drag them into existence.

Since the technology for a generalized A.I. (like in science fiction movies) does not exist yet, I am using narrow, specialized machine learning algorithms, bit and pieces of programming from all over the place, to create audio and visuals.

This is a collaboration between machine input and curated decisions, navigating input and output, and connecting it to a coherent piece. I feed the algorithms with my text, music, voice, and image to enable it to generate and produce its own version. From there I chose suitable fragments and turn them into audiovisual animations.

I use projects from github, google, openAI, and others and try to find their breaking points: where machine learning meets its limits. Here I can find a tangible connection, a true collaboration between me, the machines, and the synchronicity within.

We produce content and shape each other's ideas. This is our documentation.


clx travels through fine arts and media, along social and political break lines, through human networks and realities, over continents and even in time. Her journeys culminate in photographs and films as well as in performances, books and sculptures. Her work has traveled in screenings, festivals and exhibitions to more than twenty countries.

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