Back to the roots!

Dear entities of chaotic nature,

the year is coming to an end, and you probably already know it - we will do this weird thing with talks, again.

Now, after all this turbulent back-and-forth, we thought: "back to the roots!"

At our physical stage in the small town of Ennepetal, we would like to stick to the basic stuff. Introductory talks about tech-things, fancy science foo explained, also for mere mortals without a PhD, or just a heartfelt presentation of your weird Nerd-hobby will find a home here.

Of course, there's space for the beings with an urge to act and better the world, too! This is your place if you would like to uncover and smash the dystopian dreams of tech-giants, or constructively show us your utopia of the new and fancy possibilities¹. We want to give you a stage to rally more forces for your topic.

We will provide you with:

  • 40 minutes for your topic, 20 minutes for questions and answers from all over the world
  • live-streaming to VOC, Twitch, YouTube
  • publication on and YouTube
  • physical studio
    • strict vaccination-requirement ("1G") with checks (crew & speaker), as little contact as possible
    • Contact tracking via corona warn app
    • Big studio in Ennepetal, Northrine-Westphalia
    • Professional Equipment & Crew
    • 5 comfy seats for crew and less "staring into a camera"
    • realtime transmission into our hackcenter in an adjacent building
  • pre-recorded talks with live q&a via e.g. Jitsi
    • ideal if you would need to travel too far

As we're situated on a pretty beautiful and old industrial location, there will be some place for truly weird stuff. If you do not fit at all into the pattern described above, but still have a flippin' awesome idea: don't hesitate, you might persuade us with your crazy idea.

[1]: holographic homeoffice without the smell-o-vision? finally, a capable e-government? yes, PLEASE!

This Call for Papers closed on 2021-11-29 23:42 (Europe/Berlin).