Tales from the Quantum Industry
12-28, 16:00–17:00 (Europe/Berlin), ChaosZone TV
Language: English

The reality of quantum applications is that their applicability is optional. Let's shine a light on the status quo. The problems of today's quantum algorithms are just a midnight snack. Anecdotes await, like the trend to "democratize Quantum Computing" even though the QC security controls in place make it already an open system - with extra steps; or how actual Quantum Computing "clock-speeds" eat the quantum speedup claim for breakfast.

Apart from being a quantum industry veteran, Natalie Kilber drives technical strategy at MHP Porsche. In addition as CEO and Founder of Nabla Co, she evaluates use cases with businesses to leverage frontier technologies, analyzing risks and potentials in emerging markets tangential to Quantum technologies in the cloud, communications, cybersecurity, venture capital and automotive sector. She has held positions at Microsoft, EEins and is a member of DPG, VDI, as well as the FFK des Deutschen Museums. Currently, she works on topics in secure Quantum Software Design and Development at the Institute of Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart.