ossia score live jam and talk
12-30, 16:00–17:00 (Europe/Berlin), Chaosstudio Hamburg
Language: English

Live creation of an emergent audio-visual system with ossia score.

ossia (https://ossia.io) creates ossia score, a free and open-source sequencer for media art. We will do a live coding / patching / creation session to show how the software can be used and what kind of artworks can be done with it.

Jean-Michaël Celerier, born in France in 1992, is a freelance researcher, interested in art, code, computer music and interactive show control. He studied software engineering, computer science & multimedia technologies at Bordeaux, and obtained his doctorate on the topic of authoring
temporal media in 2018. He develops and maintains a range of free & open-source software used for creative coding, digital and intermedia art, which he leverages in various installations and works; in particular, most of his work is centered on the ossia platform for which he is the main developer. He enjoys organizing events centered on programming and media art - most recently the Linux Audio Conference, and a C++ meetup in Bordeaux. He teaches all sorts of creative coding languages (PureData, Processing, OpenFrameworks, etc) to both computer science and graphics design students.