Day to Night Timelapse Photography: "The Holy Grail"
12-29, 11:30–12:15 (Europe/Berlin), Chaosstudio Hamburg
Language: Deutsch

Filme, die im Zeitraffer den Übergang vom Tag bis in die Nacht nahtlos und ohne Sprünge abbilden, nannte man vor Jahren den "Heiligen Gral" der Zeitrafferfotografie, weil man dachte, sie seien unmöglich zu realisieren.
Gunther Wegner, ein Entwickler aus Hamburg, forscht seit über 10 Jahren an diesem Thema und hat mit seiner Software LRTimelapse diese Aufgabe gelöst und damit internationale Anerkennung bei Amateuren und Profis im Video- und Astroumfeld erlangt.
In seinem Vortrag erklärt Gunther euch, wie ihr heute mit relativ einfachen Mitteln selbst solche faszinierenden Aufnahmen hinbekommt und gibt euch spannende Einblicke in die Hintergründe seiner Entwicklungen.

Films that depict the transition from day to night in time-lapse seamlessly and without jumps were called the "Holy Grail" of time-lapse photography years ago, because they were thought to be impossible to realize.
Gunther Wegner, a developer from Hamburg, has been researching this topic for more than 10 years and has solved this task with his software LRTimelapse, gaining international recognition among amateurs and professionals in the Video and Astronomy environment.
In his lecture, Gunther will explain how you can create such fascinating images yourself with relatively simple means and will give you exciting insights into the background of his developments.

Gunther Wegner is one of the internationally recognized experts when it comes to time-lapse photography and its editing. His software "LRTimelapse" (Level & Ramp Timelapse Sequences) is used today by the majority of ambitious and professional time-lapse photographers worldwide. The program allows photographers to use their favorite photographic image editing tools (Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe CC) to create raw file-based timelapse movies - with all the benefits and powerful editing tools they offer. In addition, LRTimelapse supports the photographer in dealing with time-lapse specific requirements, e.g. removing the dreaded "flicker" effect as well as realizing the challenging day-to-night transitions, the so-called "Holy Grail" of time-lapse photography.