Never Mind The Gig Work - Here's the Coffeebots
12-29, 22:00–23:00 (Europe/Berlin), c-base
Language: English

A marionette puppet extravaganza full of robots, coffee, punkrock space shanties, and algorithmic capitalism.

Our first full-length play will use the language of the Internet: Easy English with heavy accents and lots of technobabble.

e-punc spent the first lockdown in cyberspace, then got a little sick of it and decided to do some handicraft. So he turned old moca-pots into a puppet theatre and recorded a few music-clips. After two live-shows last autumn with friends and a guest appearance at Roboexotica in Linz this summer the Coffeebots decided to perform SciFi-theatre. Johl and e-punc came up with some ideas that turned into a script. Now we have an ensemble of five people and a friend who recorded some songs for us.

e-punc is member of c-base and works for Digitale Gesellschaft.