Tech Dominatrix. Device control as a fetish.
12-28, 22:00–23:00 (Europe/Berlin), c-base
Language: English

A discussion introducing the new world of Tech Dommes who control the devices of their submissives across the internet, spying on them, limiting their access and controlling them via their phones and computers.

As society becomes more digital our devices have become so much a part of our lives that they are like a part of our bodies. So much of our daily life revolves around being online and connected. Our workplaces have rules around our devices, and especially their security. This has caused a new range of transgressive fantasies, fetishes and sexual practices to emerge. In this conversation Goddess Anisa, a Berlin-based Tech Domme, will introduce her work and talk about her experiences.

German Goddess. Domme. Device Control. Queen of phone control. Giantess.

Dmytri Kleiner is a software developer and the author of the Telekommunist Manifesto and the Peer-Production license, a commons-friendly license the author has described as CopyFarLeft. He has developed the idea of Venture Communism, a mode of worker-controlled production modeled on peer networks and the commons. Dmytri is a principal contributor to the Telekommunisten network, which generates art works and social practice elaborating the political economy of networked computation.