Get started with hacking the badge
12-30, 13:00–14:30 (Europe/Berlin), HDMI (room 3)
Language: English

Hacking the badge is not hard, once you get over the initial hump of setting up your system. We will show you a way to ge tup & running in minutes, to unleash your creative hacker powers.

So you have this powerful tool on a lanyard around your neck but no clue how to change it to something more useful, or even more beautiful? Come to this talk/workshop and we will set you up. You will need a badge (naturally), a laptop with (ideally) linux on it, and a USB cable to connect the laptop and the badge.

This workshop is also an opportunity to exchange ideas and other wisdom around this device. Whether you know all or nothing -- come as you are, and show us your amazing hacks and ideas on the badge. Let's get the energy flowing in preparation for the summer camp.