Regenerative Hacking : Ecosystemic design workshop for rural community hackspaces
12-27, 14:30–16:00 (Europe/Berlin), HIP - Track 2 - Room 2
Language: English

Workshop exploring Regenerative design in the context of a rural community art and hackerspace in the small Welsh speaking town of Caernarfon in rural North Wales.

We will look at the emerging Regenerative Paradigm which is often defined in contrast to the currently dominant extractive paradigm and involves taking a living systems view of the world. Is a Hackerspace a living systems? Living systems can only be understood in the context of their environment. We'll take a holistic lens and look at a poor rural community in Wales, we'll identify the patterns of life energy in local systems (such as the food economy, the stuff economy, the local community knowledge economy) and explore how we can design a community hackerspace for a rural setting that might shift systems from the extractive to the regenerative.

After studying and traveling in a bunch of countries Liam returned to his native rural North West Wales in 2005. After a spell in software entrepreneurship he left the commerical space to work on grass roots community arts and hacking with Astralship. The team, hackbase / pirateship in a church, is fully mobilise to open as a Regenerative Catalyst rural Hacker, community, arts and wellbeing space.