Pacman can have the cookies and eat the ghosts too
12-27, 22:00–22:45 (Europe/Berlin), HIP - Track 1 - Room 5
Language: English

A look into present and upcoming binary package repository management tooling for pacman
based distributions such as Arch Linux, which can also be used by individuals
hosting their private repositories.

How software gets to the user plays a very centric and important role on Linux

Distributions based on binary package managers such as pacman require not only
tooling to build the packages, but also software to maintain the repository
infrastructure of the resulting packages, so that users can install them.

In this talk we will investigate the use of different pieces of software, that
are currently employed for maintaining the official repositories on Arch Linux.

Repod [1] - the upcoming tooling - is evaluated in regards to its current
feature set, its design goals and planned integration with the existing
packaging ecosystem.


See also: Presentation slides (119.7 KB)

I am a free software developer, that works on various projects.
Fields of interest (in no particular order) are pro-audio on Linux, embedded systems, Arch Linux, packaging, infrastructure management, automation.