(mostly) homebrewn metal AM
12-28, 16:15–17:40 (Europe/Berlin), HIP - Track 2 - Room 2
Language: English

A short introduction into sinter based FFF/FDM metal additive manufacturing at home (as far as it can be done)

After a short introduction into FFF/FDM and the basics behind sinter based FFF/FDM metal additive manufacturing this talk offers a complete overview on the procedure, the benefits and the limits compared to other well established procedures as well as the obstacles that need to be overcome when using it.

See also: Power point sheets as PDF rev2 (5.4 MB)

Sascha 'Klapauzius' Lenze

Certified electrical engineer , 1st world job as a software developer in control engineering (Simatic PLC/HMI).

First contacts to information technology on a Commodore 64 programming BASIC in ´83, on a journey experiencing the new since. Member of ‚Chaostreff Dortmund‘ (chaoswest/ctdo) from 2007 being part of numerous events (chaos bbq, easterhegg, mrmcd, camp, c3).

Experiences as a hobbyist and professional in FFF/FDM and mSLA additive manufacturing machines since 2013, started printing metal FFF in 2019.