From idea to KiCad & beyond: How to design & build an LED project
12-29, 16:00–16:45 (Europe/Berlin), HIP - Track 1 - Room 5
Language: English

Learn how to easily go from an idea to a professional-looking LED project. Including designing and creating your own PCBs and cases, why this is so much fun, and why all of this is easier than you expect.

Soldering a Neopixel LED strip to an ESP32 or Arduino to make it glow can be a fun start for building LED projects. But how do you actually make an LED project that looks and feels like a professional product?

Join this talk and learn:

  • how to easily plan and design a product, with its unique case design, PCBs with all the components you need and which fit perfectly into the case
  • how to design LED projects to be not just repairable, but also easy to modify and extend - or in other words: maker friendly
  • how to have fun exploring and combining all the various PCB types, components, and materials for making LED projects
  • how all of this is a lot easier than you expect

About the speaker:

Marco (nickname "glowingkitty") is creating open-source LED lamps and development kits, to get more people excited about creating their own LED projects and getting interested in industrial design and electronics.

Maker, LED enthusiast, educator - and just your average cat onesie wearing guy from next door.

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