Designing and making stencils
12-28, 20:30–22:00 (Europe/Berlin), HDMI (room 3)
Language: English

In this workshop I'll walk you through the process of designing and making stencils using a laser/vinyl cutter. Come if you've ever wanted to cover something in paint. No arts skills needed!

Stencils are a great way to cover things (walls, pavements, cars, whatever) in paint. I couldn't find a good beginner tutorial for making them, and thus this talk was born. I assume that you:

  • know nothing about stencils
  • are not artsy
  • have a bare minimum of manual skills.

(just like me a year ago)

All you need is a computer, and access to a laser/vinyl cutter (don't bring yours to the workshop, we'll provide one).

Hardware engineer.