Clemens Schöll

Clemens Schöll is a media artist, media theorist and software engineer. He studied computer science and fine arts in Leipzig, Lissabon as well as currently Berlin. The usually information-technological works range from (virtual reality) installations, net art to performances. His work was exhibited at Kunsthalle Zurich, [...] among others. He curated the exhibition In VR we trust. Schöll is co-founder of the media art collective THIS IS FAKE as well as the Förderverein Palast der Republik e.V.


Of someone who went forth to find a flat in Berlin. An automation-drama in three acts — Act 3: In ultimate consequence
Clemens Schöll

Fully automated puppet theater, 17 minutes (starts on demand)
Clemens Schöll, 2020

In the "little automation theater" the story is told of the princess (who wants to move to Berlin after her art studies), Kasperle and the Wohnungsbot (apartment bot - who must realize that there are no technical solutions to social problems). The stage adaptation of the software success!

HDMI (room 3)