Volumetric Video in Godot: The Making of Strange Light, an Extended-Reality Experience
11-05, 14:30–14:55 (Europe/Berlin), New York
Language: English

To create Strange Light, an extended reality documentary that premiered at the 2023 Arts & Ideas Festival in New Haven, CT, USA, creators Kit Hung & JLS Gangwisch developed a workflow to import and animate volumetric video captured with Brekel Point Cloud into their Godot 4.0 project. In this talk, JLS Gangwisch will demonstrate these tools and discuss using Godot for documentary and extended reality projects.

JLS Gangwisch works with the interaction of digital and physical media focusing on the human figure, identity, and empathy. With a professional background in film and video production, their most recent work experiments with volumetric capture, extended realities, and networked cinematics.

JLS Gangwisch has pursued and earned academic degrees in film, television and digital art from the University of New Orleans, Falmouth University (UK), and UMBC respectively. In the summer of 2018 they co-founded the new media arts collective strikeWare, collaborating with artists Chris Kojzar and Mollye Bendell to create interactive installations that explore both individual and political conditioning. Jeffrey currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Foundations at the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford in Connecticut, USA.