Powering your Godot Game with Steam
11-04, 12:30–12:55 (Europe/Berlin), New York
Language: English

The talk will give an overview of GodotSteam: how and why it started, how it helps developers leverage the full functionality of Valve's Steamworks API, games that use it to add cool stuff for their players, and where the project is going in the future.

There are many popular use-cases such as achievements, statistics, leaderboards, and Play Together, but there are more advanced concepts like Workshop, Inventory, and Networking, which can be rather intimidating. The project aims to make adding these less complicated for developers and to speed up their integration.

Many popular games, such as Dome Keeper and TailQuest, take full advantage of Steamworks, but there are some excellent examples among lesser-known games like Ailin:Traps and Treasures and Chicken Fight. They have actively engaged their communities through mods, custom maps, in-game purchases, and multiple ways to play.

Additions are coming soon, such as SteamMultiplayerPeer, which allows Godot to use Steam as a transport layer and mix higher-level networking nodes with Steamworks. Also, companion apps, such as GodotSteam UGC Uploader and GodotSteam Uploader, will ease the process of adding Workshop items and uploading builds to Steam itself.

While GodotSteam can help developers add a lot of cool functionality to their games, the project obviously would not be as good without its community. The project has greatly improved through tutorials, pull-requests, testing, suggestions, and participation from folks of all skill levels. My goal is to make sure the community knows how to take advantage of GodotSteam’s full list of features.

I am a software / hardware engineer who dabbles in video games, art, farming, and cooking. I love weird projects, squiggly animations, and anything chocolate.