Super-charging content production with Godot addons
11-05, 12:30–12:55 (Europe/Berlin), New York
Language: English

This talk, led by 'bitbrain', delves into the common pitfalls that derail many game projects and emphasizes the importance of a solid content pipeline.

In 2009, 'bitbrain' began his game-making journey with Java. By 2020, he had transitioned to the Godot Engine and decided to share his experiences. He started a YouTube channel, focusing on the development of his new RPG project, "cave", and the challenges and successes he encountered.

While 'bitbrain' is passionate about game development, he's also keen on teaching. His channel features easy-to-follow Godot tutorials, helping newcomers get a grasp of the engine. In the vast realm of game development, he continues to learn, share, and connect with a community of fellow enthusiasts.