How a C/C++ noob ported DOOM to run in Godot using GDExtension
11-04, 12:00–12:55 (Europe/Berlin), Redmond
Language: English

DOOM is a famous and supreme feat of programming, studied and beloved by game developers across time, so of course, it should be ported to Godot. This talk is ideal for viewers looking to explore GDExtensions, or who have an passion for demon slaying.

Adam is a former lawyer turned game development Swiss-army-knife, with expertise in programming, drawing, video production, music composition, sound editing and game design. Since 2022, he has turned his focus to Godot, where, amongst other things, he wrangles lots of people for lots of meetings, especially since his inclusion within the Godot production team. Adam's adventures in Godot have taken him to GDQuest, where he is helping to optimise the Godot editor for the web for a new online exercise platform. If you see Adam at GodotCon, don't forget to ask about cyclic references in GDScript.