Next-Gen Multiplayer Game Development with The Mirror
11-05, 14:30–15:25 (Europe/Berlin), Redmond
Language: English

Building multiplayer games with physics and great graphics is extremely complex. The Mirror simplifies this with out-of-the-box networked Jolt physics, authentication, databases, deployments, analytics, REST APIs, tailored shaders, Godot GLB imports, payment rails, marketplace, revshare, and more. The Mirror draws inspiration from Roblox, Garry's Mod, Second Life, and Red Faction. Join us for a demo and meet the founder, Jared - he'd love your thoughts on what features you'd like prioritized.

Jared built an online business in Second Life in 2007 after saving up enough money from mowing lawns to buy a gaming laptop. He doesn’t have a computer science degree, but from learning how to code making video games in DarkBASIC and SL, he's written code for SpaceX, taught software development at the University of Denver as an adjunct, and served in lead engineer roles for numerous startups. He leads The Mirror's team of ~10 as Founder/CEO/CTO, backed by world-class investors like Founders Fund, Konvoy, and Abstract.

Wojtek Pe is a senior engineer and VFX artist at The Mirror and runs his own Youtube and Twitter channels where he pushes Godot's graphics to its limits. Follow him at and