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Alex Leitch

Alex Leitch is an artist, educator, and technician. They currently serve as Assistant Director of the HCIM program at the University of Maryland, where they have taught courses on programming, interaction design, and fabrication since 2019. Their recent projects include interdisciplinary outdoor installations like Aqualith, a capacitive-stone installation, and FiddleHex. Their main interest is in kinetic sculpture and robotics with interesting control systems.


Encapsulated Electromyography with Myo and Raspi
Alex Leitch, Celia Chen

Let's talk ten year old tech! The myo armband was once a really strange way to control a computer, and then became a way to do fine-grained myomuscular electrical detection research. This is a talk about how to hook a myo to a Raspberry Pi 3B+ in 2023, and from there how to have the armband communicate over serial to other devices. We choose to use it to control a Programmable Air system for pneumatic control of muscular robots.

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