The Curse of Slide-making
04-17, 21:00–21:15 (Europe/Berlin), Mainstream
Language: English

This talk will showcase slide-making tools-- and how each can fail when faced with special requirements.

"I'll give a talk at $con!"

You start writing down the requirements for your slides, and you soon realise your tool of choice is not enough anymore. Do you cut your losses and move to a new tool, or do you monkey-patch the existing one?

This talk is about about my experience looking for upgrades to my slides toolchain. I will show you my usual requirements for slide-making, and showcase some tools I tried. I'll illustrate how each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on what you may need.

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Freelance software developer, jack-of-many-trades when it comes to desktop apps.

In a past life, I specialized in material appearance modeling and high performance computing.

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