Call for Participation

tl;dr Talks, art projects and music for the stream of DiVOC bb3. Deadline for submissions: 13.3.2022, Event 15.–18.4.2022.

The official hashtag is #divocbb3.

During the pandemic, the bubbles and echo chambers all of us inhabit seem to have gotten even tighter and more impermeable. We look forward to your talks about technology, science, politics and society. We're particularly interested in talks addressing current social debates, questions of participation, accessibility, science education and science denial, and “fake news”.

And this time we would like to try out a new format: each day, we want to a have panel on a range of topics, with experts and different viewpoints. You are an expert and you would like to contribute? Or you have a suggestion for a topic and know people who are specialists? Then submit your suggestions on our pad! Please note: we do not know, if we will be able to hold an English panel

Talks can have a length of either 30 or 60 minutes (plus a Q&A). If you have something special in mind, we can diverge from that. Art projects and music are coordinated individually.

All formats are streamed live and are recorded for later viewing; if you prefer, you can pre-record your talk. In any case, we would love to do a live Q&A with you. If the situation permits and you're game, you can hold your talk from one of the participating spaces. We're happy if you appear in front of the camera, but we'll find creative solutions if that is not appropriate. We'll discuss all details with you in time for Easter.

By submitting your proposal, you agree to allow your presentation to be streamed through during the event. We also encourage you to allow us to make a recording available on and Youtube. You allow us to use your personal information for the preparation and production of the event. All personally identifying information will be deleted shortly after the event. You decide what name and bio should remain visible on this website. See Datenschutz for further information.

This Call for Papers closed on 2022-03-21 00:59 (Europe/Berlin).