37C3: Sendezentrum

Who Killed The Internet? And a promising alternative for Public Communication and Social Media: the Fediverse!
12-27, 21:00–21:45 (Europe/Berlin), Sendezentrum Stage (Saal F)
Language: English

Has the Internet and by extension social media become solely a theater of misinformation and non-linear amusement, fed to us by puppeteer algorithms? Another social media outreach is possible! Can the Fediverse make official communication of Public Administrations more accessible, more democratic, more unbiased and therefor trustworthy? Is it the public broadcasting of social media outreach — boring but necessary? Or will it it be a circus show rivalling the Xitter drama? Aiming the reach of Youtube and co?

From juggling moderation, over server performances, to affordances for organising alternatives to the current Circus Maximus, these and more intersecting topics of governance and self-hosting will be discussed. Guests include digital activists, developers for ActivityPub, and the showmasters related to EU Voice and Video — a pioneering pilot project showing open source alternatives for social media outreach to EU institutions.

Tune in to learn about political, social, and technical strategies that we can all use to promote the adoption of the Fediverse by national, local, and regional governments, as well as public and civil society institutions. Or in short: How to win over the clowns!

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