#37c3 Haecksen-Workshops

After a break of several years, the 37th Chaos Communication Congress will take place in Hamburg from December 27-30. The Haecksen will be there again with an assembly and a workshop program. We need your help to unlock the Haecksen-Chaos: submit your workshops in which we can exchange knowledge, connect, and have fun together. We look forward to topics that are close to your heart!

Please note: We will focus on the workshop format. The workshops will not be streamed or recorded.

The submission deadline is 01.12.2023 at 23:42:00.

What fits into our program:

Contribute what inspires you! We particularly welcome contributions from the fields of technology, hacking, arts and crafts, science, activism, inclusion and feminism. And for more participation and low barriers, we especially welcome beginner workshops. Here are a few ideas of where things could go:

Track: Skill-sharing

  • Technical and application-related skills
  • Workshop on your favorite programming language
  • Minimize tracking - what tools are available for smartphones?
  • Build your own menstruation app
  • Hardware tinkering

Track: Society & Social Affairs

  • Discussion rounds on specific topics
  • How to survive in a cis-male dominated working environment
  • Swing to the right: what role can technology play in the fight against the right?
  • Social events (game nights, karaoke)

What and who we are looking for

We would like to offer a stage to people and groups that otherwise get less space. We therefore particularly welcome submissions from FLINTA people (also in teams with others) and marginalized people or groups. Above all, however, the topics submitted should fit to the Haecksen. (To the Haecksen mission statement)

Important: If your workshop has any special requirements (e.g. regarding required material, timing or minimum/maximum number of participants), please write it to the organizing team in the note field of the submission.

Two points for the workshop description: If your workshop is to be FINTA-only or Haecksen-only, please indicate this directly in the description. And if you want to add content warnings, please also include them in the description.

What we are also planning:

Room for chaos. We will keep slots free in the program for spontaneous group activities and lightning sessions/mini-workshops. Our assembly should be a cozy place to settle down in larger or smaller groups and do things. It can also be the case that people work in parallel or that a workshop group stays longer to continue working on a particular project - as long as we have space and it works for everyone involved. Nevertheless, it is very helpful for us if you submit existing ideas so that we can plan better and have an overview of how much interest there is in Haecksen workshops. There will also be a small program for the evening.


If you have any questions about the CfP or would like to support us on site, please write to us and we will be happy to help you: 37c3-workshops@haecksen.org

This Call for Papers closed on 2023-12-01 23:42 (Europe/Berlin).